Alex's Musical Instrument Blog #1

Gotoh, rhythm guitarist from Asian Kung Fu Generation, produce sound from his guitar by strumming his pick against the strings. He changes notes by switching from fret to fret, the closer he moves his hands toward the front of the guitar the higher the note. His guitar is pretty standard, the pick ups on the end, the bridge holding all 6 strings, and an amplifier to give his sound waves more amplitude and be heard better. If I can get a string, stretch it out and vibrate it, maybe I can make a sound that maybe with the technology I can make louder. I believe since the thicker strings on a guitar are thicker than the thinner ones, they produce sound waves with low frequency which is why they sound lower, and the thinner strings vibrate faster making a higher frequency and higher pitch.

Also here's the live performance of Asian Kung Fu Generation playing Flashback
13. Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Flash Back