Alex - Kentucky/West Virginia Coal Slurry Spill

​a. What went well? 
We worked well together and managed to produce a good product that effectively compared the coal slurry spill to not only the Exxon Valdez spill but to football field lengths.

b. What did not? 
I think that trying to use the football field lengths as comparison was hard to do because we couldn't really size them to represent the spill area effectively.

c. What would you do differently next time? 
I think next time I would have used different colors and added more information about the event.

d. Specifically comment on the 10 tips for effective infographics -

Be Concise: Used as little text as possible.

Be Visual: We used object and events to compare the coal slurry spill to what we could relate to.

Be Smarter: Used colors and size to highlight difference between events.

Be Transparent: 

Be Different: Used photoshop to create our own infographic.

Be Accurate: Used a variety of sources to verify the information.

Be Attractive: Infographic was colorful.

Be Varied: Used not only normal shapes but other methods to display information.

Be Gracious:

Be Creative: Used various fonts and methods to visualise the information.

Which of these areas did you excel in? Which were not so well represented? Why do you think some elements of design were easier or harder to include in the end product?

I think