Alexander Khan's Capstone

I’ve been writing since I was in grade school. I was published by third grade, in a national poetry book for students. When it came time for the capstone in my final year at SLA, I knew I wanted to write something. I took the idea of writing a book and kind of ran with it. It would be titled Eat. I asked for submissions in the advisory memo, and on social media, and ended up with a few written works from people I knew online. The submissions were placed in a section of the book titled Moving Forward, dedicated to personal struggles and issues people have faced. This particular section is a combination of music, famous poems, personal works, and submissions. There were two other sections to the book, In Time and A Continuous; In Time being dedicated to time stamped things I’d written late at night or randomly throughout days, while A Continuous is simply things I’m proud of, and occasionally things I’ve had published.

Most of the time I spent working on this project, I was working with other people to collect works and compile things in an order that made sense. Getting people to submit things took a while, which is mostly due to asking for newly written works from most people. In this process, I came to understand that while I write well, writing on command like book writing entails is incredibly difficult. It’s also really really hard to get people to cooperate and contribute to things when you lack any serious backing to prove something will come from their effort.

In the end, though, the final piece came together nicely. It’s a polished 30 page book, including the title page.

Bibliography is here.