Alexander Tristano Capstone

​I have always been interested in American Sign Language (ASL) for as long as I can remember. Many of my preschool teachers knew ASL and from time to time would teach us different signs. I also remember having books and and instructional video teaching ASL. For my capstone I wanted to learn a language. I was at first interested in relearning ASL, but found that it turned out quickly that I would much rather learn about the Deaf Community. In researching the about the Deaf Community, I learned about the two different sides of the Deaf Community, and how the invention of Cochlear Implants impacted the Deaf Community negatively. I continued learning more and more about Cochlear Implants and what they are and how they work. I listened to multiple podcasts in which reporters would interview people who had lost their hearing or were born deaf and who had Cochlear Implants about what their lives were like and how their lives changed due to getting Cochlear Implants. I also learned the other uses of cochlear implants or other technology instead of cochlear implants. I was able to interview three different people who either had Cochlear implants or were considered part of the deaf community themselves. Their opinions on the deaf community were very interesting and what they had to say about Cochlear Implants was very helpful. Overall I am very proud of the work I put into this capstone and am proud of the outcome.

Here is the link to my annotated bibliography