Alhaji Koita “Capstone”: SLA’S Periodic Table

The capstone is one of the most influential & creative projects that Science Leadership produces. Each year students progress their talents to a bigger stage than just your everyday keynote presentation. This yearly long project takes blood, sweat, and tears to conquer. When Seniors begin this project they comprise their learnings from the last 3 years to come up with an appealing piece of work. An ideal capstone for students usually follows their passions. My passion is collecting and informing information. Some might call this journalism, I’d agree with statement 10 times of 10. Relaying information to people is something that I plan to study in college. My original idea for a capstone was to create an online podcast site for SLA students. Their I would’ve received ideas from SLA students on topics and themes that would be addressed in my podcast. After thinking over the elements of my project I decided that it wouldn’t suffice for an imprint on the SLA community. I wanted my presence to be ever lasting. So the idea hit me an art piece that would faithfully attached to the SLA community. I joined forces with another SLA senior, Kenyatta Bundy Jr, we came together to amass this masterpiece. When I complied the idea to Kenyatta he was electric. Like stated before relaying information is my passion, so the idea to me is simply beautiful. The original idea was to create a massive periodic table. Instead of relaying the elements, we wanted to relay students and teachers feelings of the education institution known as SLA. That being relayed in one word that describes SLA in one word. This would be placed in each 12 by 12 inch block. In addition to that students & teachers age would also be specified. To complete the tiles, the students graduating year would be placed in the top right corner. I have to say that this project has been one of the most difficult to complete. It has matured me as an individual. While management of time is one of the most important things I can take from this, it was a blast creating this piece of art. 

While Kenyatta and I worked diligently on this project there is of course special thanks in order for our Capstone Mentor. An SLA english teacher for 9th and 12th graders, whose help was extremely appreciated. Guiding us through the process is something that I know both of us will not forget. This project of course would not be possible without the SLA community help as well. Without them relaying their information to us, this project would have failed miserably. I am eternally grateful to attend a school with students willing to help each other out, no matter the stress or difficulty it may bring.

Here is the link to my Bibliography, along with photos of the table.