All About Me: Christian Moore

My slide shows a few things that I like. My favorite of different categories. This slide shows my favorite football player and basketball player. This shows that I like sports. It also shows the college that I want to go to. Since its all about me I found a picture with that bolded and put it in the center. The things that are all about me are all around it

The first thing that I added to the slide were pictures of football stuff, since this is my favorite sport. Cam Newton is my favorite player in the N.F.L so I put a picture of him doing his signature Touch Down celebration. On the opposite side diagonal to that is a picture of his cleats. Also on this slide there is a picture of a football hemet. 

In the future I want to go to the University of Oregon. So I put a picture of the Oregon logo. If I go to this college I would want to play football. This is why I have a picture of the Ducks mascot Puddles.

Its all about me

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