All about me


My slide describes me to a “T”. I know that if someone were to look at this slide ,you would see Joie. I am in love with the color pink. I honestly believe that my slide describes me.
I used two websites to reference why I made the decisions. I spent a lot of time figuring out what belongs on a slide and what does not belong. I did not use a lot of empty space. All my blank spaces were filled with color, my favorite color. My slide was straight to the point. My slide had a purpose, it explained me.
The smiley shows how cheerful I am and how I like to brighten up everyones day. All of my other pictures are of me. These picture show how much I love my friends and how important my birthday is to me. The last picture is of my favorite store and brand.


I learned that when you make a media fluency slide that you can not have a lot of fonts. Your fonts , colors and picture should share the same color scheme.

Improved Slide

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