All About Me

    This powerpoint is all about me, Sattera Mark. The assignment was given to by my technology teacher, Ms. Hall. The goal for the assignment is to properly design a power point presentation. The power point only has to be about me. This may seem like a easy project, but it’s more complex than you think. After the power point is presented I will redo the project. When I redo the project I will have greater knowledge on designing a powerpoint and it will be much better. Be in tuned to see the next powerpoint.

I chose the black background to make the purple stand out. I also choose the pictures because they are things that I care about and love

After getting my slide critiqued by a few classmates, I decided to completely redo it. In my first slide some of the pictures involved my goals. That’ why in my new slide my theme was “Reach for the Stars.” I decided to do a starry background that had different tones to compliment my words. I also choose to match some of the tones of the background to the colors of words. I didn’t want to overcrowd my slide with pictures so I decided not to put any in my slide.

Click on my old slide to see my new slide.