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After observing the critiques my classmates received during tech class, I decided to reinvent my slide. I started out by knowing that I wanted to keep the same picture as before, but I wanted the colors to be more eyecatching. So I enhanced the contrast of the slide, bringing out the bright colors. I then deleted the background color of the picture, making it white. After reading the Zen Presentation, I learned that colors such as black and white are good combinations for making something stand out, so I left the background white and since I wanted the text to stand out as well, I made it black. I realized that there was a lot of empty space because of the white, so I used a dark green (matches the plants in the picture) to fill it. This then created a good color combination.
For technology class, Ms. Hull wanted us to create a slide based off of our Coat of Arms from English class. The slide had to send a message, while also being pleasing and not too complicated to the viewer. The image above is the results.

I used a hand balled into a fist, surrounded by beauty because that is what I believe the drawing itself sends a powerful message just by looking at it. Originally, the image's contrast was super high, and because I wanted to give off a relaxed but inspirational feeling to the viewers, I used a cool dark blue tint color. I wanted the color scheme to be in close proximity with one another. I didn't want only the image to send a message, but the quote as well. As as shown, the main colors of this slide are blue, white and navy. The white is the color that stands out the most because it is the lightest in contrast to the others, so I chose to make the text this color in combination with sans serif font which makes the slide easy to read. The images/text are in that certain alignment in a diagonal point of view because that is where I want the viewers eyes to follow. The emptiness in the dark navy blue and supposed to help highlight the main focus of the slide. The size of the font is supposed to help the reader hub on the important parts of the slide. Because we usually read from left to right, it is only natural for the audience to see the picture that way in the beginning. First by seeing my name at the top, followed by a soft, grainy but empowering picture and left with an inspirational quote.

I personally learned a lot from this assignment. It is pretty difficult being a designer that is trying to catch the attention of millions. I also learned why some make the decisions they do and question why they do it. Not to mention it was pretty difficult for me to make a decisions on how I was going to convey my message to the audience.

Comments (8)

Dillon Hershey (Student 2016)
Dillon Hershey

I noticed that the hand is just hovering. Maybe if you mad e the picture bigger, you could make it bleed off the slide and if wouldn't feel so uncomfortable. But other than that, I really liked the changes you made.

Deja Johnson (Student 2016)
Deja Johnson

I enjoyed looking at your slide. I also see how you have changed the color of your slide and how you used the space. You made me look at your slide. It was very eye catching and bright. I really enjoyed it.

Miles Cruice-Barnett (Student 2016)
Miles Cruice-Barnett

I noticed that the quote is crowded near the image. I wonder if you could bleed the hand off the slide so that it does not float. What if you removed the green and spread the images and text out.

Lauren Thomas (Student 2016)
Lauren Thomas

I notice the images first which is the main focal point. I offer the idea that you remove the boarding and have the background be monochrome. You could have the hand bleed off the slide instead of having it cut off midair. What if you make your name and quote larger and readable.