All about me in one slide

Me all me
So these photos represent me in so many ways. The are two pictures of my family cemetery, the one picture is my help cleaning it up and the other is of some of my ancestors graves. My uncle has a website if you guys want to learn more about it. I will put the website address at the end. anyways my ancestors owned most of German-town and into Flower-town. The cemetery land we brought that from William Penn himself when we sailed over to america. I am a animal lover and on this slide there are two cute pictures of my dogs Lucy and Marcelo. I had Lucy since my fifth birthday so she is 9 years old and I had Marcelo for almost two years he will be two on January 17. I used to play the clarinet and maybe one day I will play a song for you guys . Finally is the national naval center(N.N.C). That is where I was born on October 3,1998 at 3:00 pm. Now this building is in Bethesda, Maryland  my father was a naval corpsman and he worked in the same building when I was born, and now my older brother is working there too but not in the same part as my dad. is the website if you would like to see all about my family history.