All About Me Slide!

In my computer science class at Science Leadership Academy, we are learning about slide design. The basic question you should ask yourself is “How do I make this slide memorable, while making it simple?” Throughout my learning experience and experiments with slide design, I found that less is more. For this project, we had to create one slide that was about us. I read some helpful advice on slide design, and tried to make my slide as appealing as possible.

For all the decisions I made on my slide, there was reasoning behind it. My entire goal for my slide was to keep it simple, yet effective. The reason I used a black background and white font for both “Zoe”s was because I wanted there to be contrast, but not make it overwhelming to the eye. I made both “Zoe”s with a font of 288 because I wanted the font to be huge and eye catching. I choose to have the font huge because I didn’t want to have too many words that were boring and useless. For both of the “Zoe”s I made them bleed off the slide just a little bit to make the eyes wander. It also makes the words look bigger than they are. I choose to have two “Zoe”s because everyone loves to see repetition! It draws the viewer’s eyes in and makes them remember it! I choose to put a statement in the bottom right corner. I choose this for two different reasons. Firstly, I do not want the viewer to be overwhelmed with too many words everywhere, so I left breathing room within the slide. Secondly, I put it in the bottom right corner so it would apply to the rule of thirds. You don’t want two items to be right next to each other because it makes the slide crowded and makes people uncomfortable. I choose the rainbow like color scheme for my statement because I wanted to make the statement pop and show contrast with the colors. I made some of the words bigger than others. I made “don’t,” “Black,” “and,” and “White,” a font of 80, and the rest of the words were a font of 55. I did this because I wanted those words to stand out, and for people to pay more attention to those words. For all of the words on my slide I used a sans serif font, because the eyes like words without little extra projection of the letter.

The goal of my slide was simple yet effective, and I hope I have accomplished this. By reading/listening to my explanation of my slide, I hope you, the viewer, have learned a little more about slide design. I hope you have taken something from my slide, and will apply it to your slides in the future! Thanks for reading/listening!

Reflection: Throughout this learning experience on slide design, I have learned a lot of new helpful tips and ideas. I learned that you don't want to crowd the slide, or else no one will know where to look and they will feel uncomfortable. You want to have simplicity, but make it noticeable and memorable. I also learned about all these tools that can make your slide ten times better! For example, when you have pictures, and you don't want the background in the slide, you can use alpha to take it out!