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Through out my first blog I spoke of human trafficking and explained basic facts about it. After having a good a idea on what human trafficking was I wanted to get into depth with the United States and Human trafficking. How much is the U.S affected by it and what is the U.S doing to prevent it.  

According to the Department of Justice it is estimated that 14,500 to 17,500 people, especially children and women are victims of Human Trafficking every year in the United States.  It is known that Atlanta, Georgia has the highest rate of human trafficking with 200-300 exploited per month. TVPA (Trafficking Victims Protection Act) has concluded that there are 3 main ways to put this to a stop; public awareness, consultation, and economic alternatives. Public awareness will reach people across this globe. It is a form that if more people have more information on Human trafficking than there will be less people mindless to the situation. For consultation, non-governmental organizations will be contacted to enhance the idea of public awareness. Finally but not least is the economic alternatives. TVPA says that that economic deprivation is the main problem for human trafficking. 

After researching about human trafficking in the United States I realized that we are affected by it as much as any other country. Up to 17,500 in the U.S is affected by this and half of that is children. I also noticed that the U.S has a big issue to be concerned about which is that children are being sold and most of them are used to prostitute but not only that, they get abused for not returning with the right amount of money from prostituting. The U.S should have a more powerful way to end this, because not only does it hurt to be a victim of human trafficking but it also hurts to know that you could be a victim of human trafficking. 

Human trafficking should be more of an issue and should be spoken of more. Schools should inform their students about what's really going on in the world. To step out and see theres more than gossip to worry about. The media should grab the attention of people around the world and help decrease human trafficking. If one person knows, thats one less person to worry about. If we all knew how dangerous this is we would all be more vigilant. Not fall into the dirty tricks that traffickers use and be that one less person who outsmarted traffickers!


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human trafficking sex trade
human trafficking sex trade