All Traffic Is Bad Traffic

  For my last blog I will be focusing on human trafficking in China. The reason why I would focus on China is because China is a destination point for people who get trafficked from many places for sexual and exploitation. For this particular blog I will be also comparing China’s human trafficking to the United States and also compare the each ones government, for example compare what each country is doing to stop this world issue.

Every year in China it is estimated that there are from 10,000 to 20,000 victims of human trafficking and 90% are women and children. China has become a destination country for victims of human trafficking from North Korea, Russia, Mongolia, Burma, and Laos, while most of the victims come from North Korea and Burma. Most women fall into trafficking by false employment and also traffickers trick most children’s parents. In some poorer areas women are sold as wives and in richer areas women are sold for commercial sex business. As to children, they would be sold to adoptions.

 According to All-China Women’s Federation the causes of human trafficking in the China is because of internal migration, which is creating chances for traffickers. Another possible reason of human trafficking could be lack of knowledge and self-protection as The UN Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking says. The Chinese government is providing shelter and medical care for trafficking victims and are than assisted with repatriation.