• Allergies are a bad response from our bodies to a substance

    • An external stimulant either ingested or airborne

  • Allergens are seen as foreign to our bodies and we react to them.

  • When our bodies come in contact with allergens it releases antibodies

    • A protein that attaches to some antigens.

    • Antibodies are y shaped proteins

  • When having an allergic reaction:

    • Antibody and antigen attach and travel to the mast cell in body tissue.

      • The purpose is to flush out allergen.

      • Kill chemicals that cause allergic reaction
    There are a couple different kinds that happen when we come in contact with different allergens. Theres hay fever which the most common, they are seasonal allergies. The next one is Contact dermatitis and this happens when we a chemical in a soap, lotion, detergent, or clothing makes us react and we get a rash. The last one is a food allergy which we get when we eat certain foods and they can make us sick. Sometimes when people with food allergies eat the food they are allergic to their throats can close or they can have swelling in the face or mouth. One other thing that is important is anaphylaxis, this is when we have one of the above allergies, but we react much different to that and it is more extreme then it would be if we had a regular allergy.
  • In 2010, $17.5 billion dollars were spent on health costs by people with nasal swelling they lost approximately 6 million days at work/school and made 16 million doctor visits.

  • Food allergies cost about $25 billion each year.
I have really bad allergies and I have had them for a while now, so this was something that was interesting and important to me. I also did it because it is allergy season

Here is a link to my full slide show