Amaris Ortiz Capstone

Growing up, I watched my mom go from an amateur cook to a proprietor of her own catering company. Always being around cooking or baking started my love for the food industry. When going through the college process, I considered majoring in pastry arts. After many talks with both my parents and Ms.Hirschfield, we decided I could always start my own catering business later on in life. I took my capstone as an opportunity to practice catering and event planning. I have helped my mom with events that varied from small dinners to graduations, but I never took the responsibility of an entire order on my own. At the beginning of the year, Darlenny came up with the idea to hold a sports banquet to congratulate all of the seniors for their hard work and dedication throughout their seasons. She knew that I was deciding on catering an event for my capstone and approached me about doing the desserts for her event as well as the dessert table set up. This process will include creating a menu, designing the dessert table, and the execution of the desserts. The sports banquet will be held on May 7th so I will update this post when my presentation is finalized. I hope this event will teach me about not only a possible career, but a newfound sense of responsibility. I look forward to stepping into my mother’s shoes and testing my ability to take on a catering event.


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