Ameena Atif Capstone

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As a graduation requirement, I am challenged with creating a project that cultivates what I have learned in my four years at the Science Leadership Academy. The project must engage our 5 core values: Inquiry, Research, Collaboration, Process, and Reflection. 

I wrote a short story e-book titled "Annabelle and the Garden". “Annabelle and The Garden” is a short story piece about one girl's curiosity and thankfulness. While on a class trip to her garden Annabelle learns about less fortunate people in her neighborhood. The garden is a symbolic place for growing and learning. Throughout the book Annabelle and readers are taught the value of family, gratitude, and love.

I am extremely passionate about children's education. It is my ‘life mission’ to ensure that every child I meet has access to books and quality education. In addition to my passion for literature, SLA has taught me the importance of community and gratitude. I asked myself, "How you can combine your literary passion and your love for the community?" From there, "Annabelle and The Garden" was born.

I created a website to serve as a home for "Annabelle and The Garden" and my senior capstone. This website is not just a home for my senior capstone. It's main function is to engage little readers with our beautiful planet Earth and the worlds in books all around them. On the “Lesson Plans’ parents/guardians and educators can perform experiments and activities with little readers.

My SLA admission interview ended with the question, "How can you make SLA a better place?". As my graduation ceremony approaches and my capstone process ends, I leave a similar question for you.  "How can you make the world a better place?"

"Annabelle and The Garden" is available for purchase on Barnes & Noble. You can also read an excerpt of the book on Barnes & Noble's website. All of the proceeds are being donated to For 35 years KidsGardening has been a leader in the school gardening movement. They encourage garden based learning.