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From the movie, I felt like the government could just invade in your whole life . I say this because they found out every single piece of information about Robert Dean (Will Smith). Who he was calling, what he was doing. Every single move he made, the gov. knew exactly what he was doing. But one of the main things they did not know was, did he let the guy that got hit by the train slip the tape in his bag? Clearly we seen that he didn't even know it. The government has no rights going that far with breaking into his house and recording him without a warrant. A citizens privacy is respected without camera's being set all over the world. The most information that the gov't should have to your personal information is as far as social security numbers, bank accounts, birth certificates, jobs, and schools. The only time when one's freedom should be taken away is when harm is done. Beside's that, the Gov't has no right to take anyone's freedom away. The movie was a first time view for me, and it was actually pretty nice, intense, and well set out.