American Government: Quarter 2 Benchmark

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            For this American Government Benchmark project, finding a way that incorporated the laws, offices, and cases, seemed difficult at first. I attempted to relate the various examples, to situations that were happening in my life at this very moment, in relation to the college process, sports, and everyday living. This process wasn’t as easy as it seemed, having an objective to find laws and regulations that affected our everyday lives.

            I would deem this project with having a very difficult and strenuous process, simply because there are certain rules which only correspond to certain people. I had some difficulty when it came to finding offices that implement the rules of a specific Executive Branch. I thought we had to find actual laws of the executive branch, but then that would coincide with the legislative branch.

            The anticipation of my life becoming more affected by the government was recognized, because once you get older and reach certain limits, then your life is then intertwined with a whole new set of rules. The older we get, the more responsibilities we take on as humans. We have to live our lives responsibly following our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

            By completing this benchmark, I now understand most of the processes of government; whether it is how it is run in perspective to its specific branches, to how a law is passed. I understand the rules and regulations I have to follow, and will result in following as I get older.