An abstract project of, "The Lover's Dictionary"

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I spent merely a couple days reading this book, “The Lover’s Dictionary” by David Levithan. It didn’t take me long at all to read, as I found myself so wrapped up in this amazing book.

 I love the structure of how it’s written and how imaginative it was. Other books I have read just blankly told me a story. Though, “The Lover’s Dictionary” made me figure out what each word meant, as I unfolded piece by piece of the story. 

I tried to put Levithan’s words in my perspective.  In which the idea of my benchmark came. My project has no purpose, but to give a story from one word.

During my process of making this project, I found so many more meanings to the simplest words. Words that I didn’t think could be as heavy as I found them to be. By making one word define a story, it happened.

So I found my favorite quotes, wrote them down, and posted them through out the school. “Spreading a Lover’s Words” I then asked my friends to write their own version of what Levithan did. They posted theirs as well.

I also am leaving it up to who ever wants to be apart of this project to spread their words and do the same.