An introduction to Individualism

It may seem that the term individualism isn't even an important issue in the world. We are constantly shadowed and boxed in by current things like politics, war, school, work, and all residing topics in the daily news. It's almost as if we live in a box, walls stop us from thinking beyond the scene, so we often get trapped in our own daily lives, trying to make ends meet, and basically spend all of our time trying to do things to become functioning members of society.

Individualism is the philosophical, and political belief of the worth of the individual and their desires are more important than what society, family, or institutions expect of them. Individualism is basically about not dealing with humans as numbers, and allowing them to exercise rights to provide for themselves and live their lives freely. The belief is a very narrow, straight to the root theory of how the human race should survive, because the entire philosophy is tied with government, and economy. I believe it is a huge issue in the world because in many parts of the world people are not allowed to exercise the right to pursue themselves. It is directly theorized that laws, family, society, government, religion, class,sex, race, traditional institutions (such as school, churches, etc.), and other concepts fence people in from true freedom.

So far, I've discovered the definition of individualism. I knew that individualism had to be tied into some form of anarchy, so that was certified.  I am on the constant expedition on how I will start my paper. Will I start from the smaller part of the spectrum or the lower and grow out. I've realized that the entire project will mainly result in decomposition of capitalism, democracy, and political systems in general, and obviously point towards anarchy.

My next steps are to do tons of more research and plan everything, even though I think I have a plan. My goal in this assignment is not to criminalize everything outside of my topic but to compare it enough so maybe people can realize that it is some sort of issue.