An Ode: No Longer Waiting for Superman

Ode: No Longer Waiting for Superman
When studying for numerous exams, 
you thought of your future.
The endless days and nights that you would stay up to make the world shine bright.
You gave it your all when it came to certification, 
smile wide and professionally worn,
gave you that honor. 
The Praxis shot you down many times, 
to make sure you were worthy to care and safeguard my future.
You were worthy.
You beat the odds and went out your way.
Paid for dry-erase markers and construction paper,
so your children could see a better day. 
The day when they could stand among others and hold their ground,
due to your arithmetic and phonics knowledge you provided their way. 
This is my thanks to you,
as the child that looks up to you everyday.
You inspire my choice of words,
influence the paths I choose. 
Thank you dear superman of mine,
for that is you.