An Open Letter To Our Students

To our School Family:

As an inquiry-based school, SLA believes in asking questions, challenging assumptions, and working together to better understand each other and the world.

We are a diverse group, and we embrace every member of our community, regardless of their identity.

We also refuse to insult, threaten, exclude, disempower, or vilify others based on who they are or what they think.

Instead, we listen before we speak. We see each other as complex individuals, not stereotypes. We protect and defend each other when needed. And when we disagree, we treat each other with decency.

To us, that is the ethic of care. We will continue to work and act in this way, each and every day that we walk through these doors.

Most importantly, we believe in you, our students -- your ideas, your passion, and your ability to make the world a better place. Today, like every day, we hold out our hope that you strive to do just that.


The educators of Science Leadership Academy