Anastasia Petropoulos

The Art Gallery displays  the different pieces of art I have created over the past ten weeks.  The first assignment I completed was the ceiling tile. I chose to paint a replica of the Andy Warhol painting which was used as the album cover for the Velvet Underground and Nico. My choosing this piece of art in particular was to pay tribute to my love for the album.  The drawing of choice was a very spontaneous creation.  At the time I had a huge sheet of paper and no idea of where to begin.  Instead of agonizing over what to draw I decided to sketch whatever came to mind.  At the moment I drew an eye, however I began developing inspiration for my drawing from the features of the human face that I find beautiful and the idea progressed from there.   Utilizing different techniques of shading made the drawing of choice very fun for me.   Upon creating the pumpkin I decided I wanted to construct it from paper.  I soon discovered that the best way to create a pumpkin from construction paper was to cut the paper into strips and connect the ends of the strips to make loops.  The last assignment of the quarter, the self portrait, was quite challenging.  After taking a picture of myself to use as a model, determining the scale of features was difficult.  Though my end product was not true to my actual self, I learned the importance of drawing features correctly to scale, and the errors that can occur when you are not aware of this factor.