Anastasia Petropoulos, Q3

This PowerPoint displays  the different pieces of art I have created over the past ten weeks.  
The first assignment I completed was the adult coloring. I never knew that coloring could be such fun, but for this assignment that is what I discovered. For each coloring book page I choose a color scheme I wanted to focus on.  The first two coloring book pages have a scheme of light secondary colors and the third page has a scheme of dark primary colors. For my self portrait I focused intently on the shape and size of my face in order to properly capture my features. I am very satisfied with the outcome, especially comparing it to my first self portrait. The value piece I create came to be using a lot of charcoal. Smudging was very useful during this process in producing a gradient scale.  I choose to draw a sphere for my value model because I thought it would nicely showcase my perception of using the light/dark scale. After reading the excerpt on basic shapes I decided to draw a pineapple for the assignment. I used a pineapple as the model because I figured that pineapples are constructed most of the basic shape and for that reason it would be easy to recreate. Also pineapple means "Welcome", I believe.... For the final assignment I choose to draw a bunny because I like bunnies. :)
This is my art, take as you will...