Anatomy and Physiology year long project-Toxic clothes by Ashley Etheredge

For my 10% time year long project I think that I’m going to be researching hidden poisons or toxins in our clothing. By researching what goes into our clothes, especially in a time where most of our clothes are made from synthetics and polyester blends I want to see how it affects our bodies. In a show I was watching on T.V, two men got very sick due to wearing a specific synthetic material for too long everyday, which made me think what could is happening to our bodies when we wear other synthetic fabrics. In the beginning of this project I was going to find out what happens to our organs especially depending on how long you wear a fabric, but without real scientific cases this became nearly impossible to do so I changed it a little bit. My project is still about how clothes affect the human body, what goes into making the clothes and uncovering the hidden qualities of our clothes that hide poisons.

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