Andrew Cheatley Capstone

For my Capstone what I did was write an essay on what meditation is and what it can do for you. I like meditation and didn't believe in it until three years ago where I decided to try it. After this first failed attempt I realized why meditation is so well distinguished and why its branded the way it is. Basically it an amazing psychotherapeutic time you can have with yourself and give lots of self-healing and understanding. I see that it worked for millions of other people across the planet and across religion. And works. I've seen times where it doesn't work which makes me feel bad but all it takes is more understanding and it will work.


Why meditation works for me. Meditation for me is like a type of therapy. Talking to others doesn’t do anything for me. I always have and still address my worries and lifelong questions to myself, not others. It may be a flaw but that’s not for anyone but myself to let it become one. The first time I meditated it actually didn’t work and during this time I was an Atheist and had no beliefs on afterlives or before life. It wasn’t until I saw an article that said if you don’t believe that meditation will work, then it won’t work. You have to believe that meditation will work for its work. When I heard that it actually only made me not believe mediation worked even more. But a few months later with my anger issues at peaks I decided maybe to try once more, in an effort to calm my anger down and for me to not be so quick to anger I sat myself down in a place I saw as safe, made sure I was comfortable and on the floor. Began to breathe in and out for a seven-second duration of each breath in and out, with my eyes closed I began to see my breath cycle as a symbol much like an infinity symbol with one side with breathing in and the other side of the infinity symbol is breathing out. After this I would begin to think about things deep to me and my personal issues I’m working out. Time would feel a lot slower as the last time what felt to me as 20 minutes was actually over 6 hours. Things like that really take me by surprise and impact the way I think when I see it can control the way I perceive time. This is my link for the full capstone