Anger Boundaries

How to deal with your anger issues? I interviewed my friend Emmanuel Kouadio on his anger problems and how he feel like he crossed boundaries. How his anger impact his life ?


After interviewing my friend Emmanuel on his anger problems and crossing boundaries I learned people can cross boundaries in good ways and bad ways. As I was interviewing Emmanuel I learn that control your anger can be hard for you. I learned that it can impact your life. I also learn that it shouldn't impact the people around you because they can't handle your anger. I really didn't learn anything about myself well interviewing Emmanuel about his anger because I don't have anger issues and if I feel like Im having anger problems with a situation I can control it. My weakness was just editing, audio problems, trying to figure out the parts were I messed up and putting everything in order. My strengths were finishing the final piece and getting everything in order. Doing this project made me realize the actually meaning to crossing boundaries.

English Project

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