Animal Abuse

Hey you guys want to go to the circus, how about to your neighborhood video game store and pick up the latest ‘Pokémon’ game? Hey you know what, this is just like asking someone do you want to go see a cock-fight or maybe a dog fight, wrong right?

Everyday in the United States animals are being beat, set on fire, and killed because of something someone needs such as food, shelter or someone to take their anger off. Most animals do not live to see the day of light before someone is taking them away from their mothers, habitats, etc.  When you think about animal abuse where do you see it happening? The basement of some unknown man, children, people who abuse their families. Animal abuse comes in different forms from everywhere, any zoo that took the animal out of its habitat to put it in a cage and watch it, the circus, practically if there is a animal in a show or anything such as these things, and their not being used for what they should be used for it is animal abuse.  

Most people do not understand that animal abuse is like someone abusing a child. Animals are living beings just like you and I, and they have feelings too, and they also can do things that would help us if we were ever in any type of horrid situation.

People who abuse animals are not taken through the consequences of people who abuse other people. In Belmont County there is this man named Jeffery Nally who tortured a lot of animals. When he was sentenced he had only gotten trialed for signs of a serial killer., not only is this event more then signs of a serial killer he should’ve been given 30-life in jail. He killed all of those animals like it was nothing, then he saved their skin, teeth, and bones for souvenirs. Nally was booked into the Northern Regional Jail on 29 counts of animal cruelty, one count of domestic battery and one count of kidnapping. Bail in his case has been set at $450,000, with a bail like that most people say he won’t be bailed out, but what if he breaks out, he shouldn’t have bail; murders don’t have bail nether should he.

            Some people who look at animal abuse are also just blinded by the good things. Circuses, everyone loves a circus. All the animals are happy a joyful and love their jobs right, WRONG. Most circuses put their animals through tortured to get them to do that famous stand up trick you guys like. What about jumping through that flaming hoop you love that. In an investigation of a Ringling’s Circus you saw things that most people would say, oh that was an act or something like that to save their points that circuses are filled with good people, but most are not. Circuses train animals as if they are not living, they take things like whips, belts, sticks and repeat hit them with it. When you think of this what would you label it as, simple horseplay, some animals need more force to learn then others. This is not labeled as a simple case of animal abuse.

            Animal Abuse is labeled by two things, what is and what isn’t animal abuse. Any torture or harmful acts towards animals is, and always will be animal abuse. When people treat their animals like it’s their child that is not animal abuse.