Animal Care-Grows and Glows

Throughout my You and The World project I had my ups and downs or my Glows and Grows. My Glows was the original research where I visited a animal shelter called The Paws Center and another animal shelter The ASPCA Center which is well known and I interviewed an animal volunteer. Another Glow is my Agent of Change where I made an Outdoor Protective Shelter for Homeless and Abused and Abandoned Animals. A Grow is my timing on the Agent of Change because if I had more time I could have fund-raised more money to build a better and bigger shelter than the one I built. Another Grow was the fundraiser because it was not really planned out as it could have been and students did not take my sale seriously and when I stepped out for a moment another student stole two products. I wish I had found a good place with homeless, abused, and abandoned animals where I could have put my Shelter, it could have been a better helped in a more populated area. My shelter will help better where help is needed. I want to know more about animal interest like toys and treats to add to the shelter so it can become more of an interest. My original research went well because I received a tour of the ASPCA building and I was allowed to interview one of the workers. If I could I would change the date of my visit because the first day I went I missed the worker I was going to meet because she clocked out the second I arrived. My Agent of Change is starting to work and a lot of the food and water supplied are disappearing which means it is useful. So my Agent of Change did have an impact I hoped for.