Annotated Bibliography

1. Gavett, Gretchen. "Timeline: 30 Years of AIDS in Black America." PBS. WGBH Educational Foundation, 10 Jul 2012. Web. 12 Feb 2013. <

- This sources is presented as a timeline to when HIV/AID’s was first discovered, to all the important events that happened since 1981-present day. This is important to the project that we are doing because it gives us exact dates and times of the current events that centered around HIV/AIDS. On thing that stood out to me was that this serious infection started out between gay men and then spread out from there.

2. "AIDS Facts." AIDS Fund n.pag. Web. 11 Feb 2013. <>.

- This source is a fund that helps to fight HIV/AIDS. It gives a the reader different organizations that are apart of this fund. This is useful to our project because it gives us statistics on HIV/AIDS. This is also helpful because it gives a list of organizations that are partners with the Aids Fund Foundation.

3. "STD Health Equity - Rates by Race or Ethnicity." CDC(2011): n.pag. CDC. Web. 12 Feb 2013. <>

- From this source I can tell see the different races that are mostly infected with HIV/AIDS. This is essential to the research that we are doing for this project because we can take a lot from this source, we can zoom in on a certain race, or age, if we pleased. One thing that stood out to me was that there was the large amount of African-American women that are infected with the disease over the number of African-American men that have the disease.

Unlike most of our sites, this one is more focused on the wide research of African-Americans.