Annotated Citations

Annotated Citations 

Lehmann , Chris. Personal Interview. 14 Feb 2013. (Lehmann)

I conducted an interview with Mr.Lehmann to get a better understanding of what happens when SLA has a problem with drugs. I asked questions, that Mr. Lehmann answered with fully explanations. One question, I asked was, How do you find out about Drugs at SLA? He answered that “Some SLA students who use drugs have friends that tell a teacher or since being a educator for such a longtime teachers can just tell when something isn’t right.” 

Beyond Scared Straight . A&E: A&E, . Television. <>.

I chose to use a television show called “Beyond Scared Straight” which was based of the 1978 television series “Scared Straight!”. Each show is similar but the reason I choose to use a television show is because on the show they deal with all types of teenagers who do all types of illegal things. One of the major problems you see are drugs being used by teens on the show. The teens visit different jails and get a reality check by the inmates.

Linden, Angela. "Behavioral Health:Changing Trends in Teen Drug Use." Mainline Health n.pag. Center for Addictive Diseases. Web. 17 Feb 2013. <>.(Linden)

I choose to include this citation because its a database that gives out information to teens who are looking for doctors in the area to help them out with detox. Its simply a database for teens and parents looking for a helping hand to make sure they don’t relapse.

"Teen Drug Abuse." Coalition Against Drug Abuse n.pag. Web. 17 Feb 2013. <>. ("Coalition Against Drug Abuse")

I choose to include this database because its a little different from the other database. This database gives out information about how parents and others can tell  if a teen or child is using drugs. It tells you how to take the right steps to helping and ending the problem. With all the information it also list different side effects and numbers to call to get you connected to a rehab center. 

"DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE AMONG TEENS IN PENNSYLVANIA." Inspirations for Youth and Families n.pag. Inspirations Youth. Web. 17 Feb 2013. <>. ("Inspirations for Youth and Families")

I choose this site because it list a bunch of statics, with names of drugs used by teens in the Philadelphia area. The website is also linked to another site, that share stories of people using drugs and why it it wrong. This website is a good site because it shows everything clearly and it seems as real as it can get.