Sung, Kyu-Taik, and Bum Jung Kim. Respect for the Elderly: Implications for Human Service Providers. University Press of America , 2009. Print.

This book extensively talks about the respect for the elderly. With great detail, the topic of respect is broken down and investigated, while sub-topics are created. The book is split up into several parts with each part covering a different perspective. For example, these chapters include people as ends, college students, and then Asian elders as well as other perspectives, but they won’t be useful to the project. It also has a couple definitions of what respect is and how to be respectful.

Rickard, Barbara. "What Is Normal, What Is Acceptable, and Why Do Teenagers Act This Way?." n. page. Web. 16 Feb. 2013. <>.

This source is very useful as to answering who/what are the main influences to the problem. On the website, there are 7 other reasons for teens’ disrespectful behavior. For each reason, there are full explanations about what they mean, and they also imply a solution for each cause. This source will expand the view on why teens are disrespectful. With that in mind, the future of the teen with each cause is evident. Also, since most of the causes link to their parents, it can help support the thesis that parents and family relationships are the main influence causing it.

Macrae, Fiona, and Paul Sims. "The Spoilt Generation: Parents who fail to exert authority breeding youngsters with no respect for anyone Read more:
This source is about teens and younger who have a lack of respect towards authority such as parents, teachers, and police. It shows past the disrespectfulness and into the violent stage. It’s main source is from a psychologist, Dr. Aric Sigman, whose quotes are used to back up the thesis. This is like an indicator that violence is already the current status of the problem. Just like other sources, he claims that parents are the issue that cause this because they’re too lenient and don’t teach them authority. Although, he also blames television for the influence of this behavior.

. "Respect and Disrespect in the Classroom ." Point Loma Nazarene University. N.p.. Web. 18 Feb 2013. <>.
This source is a very detailed article on the respect and disrespect in classrooms. It only focuses on classroom students and the teacher’s behavior, which makes it really effective when adding this to the project because it points out what are respectful and disrespectful behaviors towards the students, which could lead them to despise the teacher and lose any or all respect for them. The author does recognize that the best way for students to respect the teacher is for the teacher to respect them first. It’s a good source because just like other sources talk about teens’ development into an adult, this can justify that it’s effective for their development.

Berman, Adam. Telephone Interview. 14 02 2013.

The telephone interview with Dr. Berman extensively talked about the causes of disrespectful teens and how they develop over time. As other sources talk about the other causes, this interview focuses on one, the family relationship. Dr. Berman firmly believes that something in the family is causing the teen to be disrespectful, but also points out that there are many different definitions of respect. Also, he mentions that it’s not too late to fix this problem, and that the solution is communication.