Another Mass Murder: Part 3

​Heeey ! So sadly, this is the last blog post that I will be putting up. I enjoyed writing these, and I hope you enjoyed reading them. 
Last week, I said I would continue research on the "cure" there is. Unfortunately, there isn't a cure, but the way you can get treated for cancer is by chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and or surgery. There are vaccines also, but they are only to decrease the chance of getting a certain type of cancer. The vaccine is to prevent HPV, and preventing that decrease the chances of getting cervical cancer. I also found that there are natural cures, they include mind-body interventions, herbs, massages, acupuncture, reiki, and electrical stimulation devices. There are many of doctors that support and tell their patients about this, but most stick to the surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. I think it is dumb for most doctors to not even give this option to their patients if this can save their life. If doctors told my grandpa about these natural cures, I would probably still be with him today. Now I can tell my other grandpa on how to stop his tumor from growing back and see if these actually work. 
Well, this is the end of my blog for cancer. Will there ever be a cure to stop this mass murderer? The world may never know...