Another Mass Murderer

For this quarter of our school year, our teacher, Mrs. Dunn, has assigned us a project that lets us blog about a certain world issue of our choice. Out of the many global issues, I chose diseases and more specifically, Cancer. This one issue really stood out for me because of how it affected my family and millions of other families. I don’t know much about Cancer and this is a great chance for me to research about it and share what I learned with the world.

I discovered that there are more than one types of Cancer, and many causes to them. Cancer is developed when the body can’t control the growth of abnormal cells. These cells are also called malignant cells. Viruses, radiation, obesity, genetic problems, excessive drinking, and even excessive exposure to sunlight are just few causes to this life-taking disease. The three most common cancers in men of the U.S are Prostate cancer, Lung cancer, and Colon cancer. Similarly, the three most common cancers in women are Breast cancer, Colon cancer, and Lung cancer. Basically, Cancer can develop in almost any organ in the human body.

In my family, so far I only know 2 people with cancer. They both were my grandpas, and one of them died from it. I never really knew him because he died when I was young, I don't remember the exact year. We also lived in different countries so it was hard to see each other, but I do remember some memories when we were together. My mom always talks about how great of a dad he was to her and how much fun me and him would've had together if he was still living. My other grandpa is still living, but a tumor keeps growing back. 

I wonder if Cancer will ever be cured other than by the use of Chemotherapy, and if it will be a positive or negative affect towards the world. For example, if the movie “I Am Legend” ever comes to life.