Another Mass Murderer: Part 2

Last week, my blog post was about the types of cancers and their causes. This week, I researched the number of people these cancers affected in 2007. Also, I researched the charities that are raising money to fund more research to find a cure.

In the United States, 2007, the cancer prevalence, the number of people living with cancer, came to a total of 11,714,000 people (rounded to the nearest 1000). This includes males, females and all the types of cancer. 5,353,000 males were living with cancer in 2007; this includes all types of cancer. Also, 6,361,000, females were living with cancer in 2007; this also includes all types of cancer. The type of cancer that most people were living with in 2007 is breast cancer; 13,000 males lived with it and 2,592,000 females lived with it. To think if these people didn't die, what good they would do to the world aside from the bad that is already in the world like wars, but that's a whole different blog. One of them could've started something big to help the world get back up from what ever brought it down. I always wondered what life would be like knowing you don't have much time left if your not that old, but these victims have and I hope they used the rest of their time well. Are you really living if you're not making each day different and lively?

The best cancer charities to donate to are the “Breast Cancer Fund”, “Breast Cancer Research Foundation”, “Susan G. Komen for the Cure”, and “St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital”.

I also researched if cancer if curable. The answer to that is yes! 80% of all types of cancer can be cured, but only if treated early. Although, not everyone still survived. A vaccine can’t cure it though because a vaccine can only heal against a disease by a germ and cancer isn’t a germ, therefore a vaccine will never cure cancer.

So what is the cure? Read next week’s blog to read my further research on this “cure”.