Anti-Anxy Fidgets (Senior Capstone)

For my capstone, I wanted to create several fidget mechanisms for kids who have autism and highschool students who get disengaged easily. Once the fidgets are made I would examine how the kids interacted with them and if it had any impact. Creating fidgets for kids with autism and highschool students will make sure that when they are disengaged that they will still be present in class. These mechanisms consisted of spinning and sliding movements because it’s the simplest way to stay occupied with two things at once for highschool students. For kids that have autism, it will help calm their nerves since a lot of them feel so on edge since they aren’t in their own comfort zone. Creating mechanisms as my capstone is very important due to the fact I have a brother who has autism. He and several other people I know that have autism always carry an object that helps them calm down and attentive to what is happening.. To make it even more personal, I struggle with focusing on classes due to me getting easily bored. In order to stay focused I would spin my air pod case in my hand or roll a pen on the desk.

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Autism + Student Disengagment  (1)