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Our Product is a anti-drug commercial that basically shows the deterioration of a student named Saadiq as he does drugs and his grades goes down as the disappointment in the teacher increases. The message is that if someone does drugs they will become worse and worse, the classroom is just an example of one of the many ways that drugs will harm someone over time. The intended audience is teenagers who have possibly tried drugs and have not yet shown a decline. Basically to tell them that if they don't see the effects now they will later. I think that this is an effective way to reach the audience because it visually pleasing with a message. The example would be that the video starts out light and steadily gets darker. The people who see and understand will probably be pleased with the way it shows the character. I would do more than one video with the same aspect of the screen getting darker as the situation worsens.

Rafiq Robinson
Kabbour Rizq
Sam Sirochman

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Matthew Scuderi (Student 2012)
Matthew Scuderi

I think this was very effective! Good idea for an ad. I like the change from color to black and white as the drug use progresses to a month for the used to be "A" student. Very interesting. I would suggest a ending with a logo and some other stuff, like a website and number to call.