Anti Semitism All Over

Anti Semitism is something that I have always been fascinated by. Throughout history jews have been faced with prejudice, exile and genocide. As a jewish boy who went to school in a private jewish school for 9 years I felt almost no ais very important because many innocent people are being mistreated and abused due to their religion. Many people are not aware of the struggle that a lot of jews go through. My first time going to school where their were almost no jews has been very different. A lot of people at SLA and other public schools do not know any jews and most people are not taught and educated about the struggle that jews have been through to keep their heritage and religion alive. If people knew more about what jews have been through and that kind of way we are treated in other countries in Europe and Asia their might be less anti semitism in Philadelphia and in the world. A lot of anti semitic countries are located in the Middle East and Israel has been attacked several times in the past and now.  Israel has taken part in 15 battles and wars and is still fighting once again to keep it’s freedom.  Countries like Greece are in high support of those who fight against Israel. For the first time since the holocaust NeoNazis have entered into government in Greece. The world is becoming more and more against the idea of jews having their own country.

A survey was taken asking people around the world whether or not they believed certain statements and stereotypes about jews. The results were astounding and scary. One statement was “Jews are responsible for most of the world’s wars.” 38% of people who were surveyed said that this was probably true.  

At this point in the project I am wondering what steps and actions are being taken the world and in the community. I want to learn more about anti semitism and how a lot of it started. For the rest of the project I want to make a difference in the community by showing how anti semitism affects millions of people. I also wonder why and how certain anti semitic thoughts are started and pushed to millions of people throughout the world.

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Amal Giknis (Teacher)
Amal Giknis

This is a really interesting topic, Eli, and I agree with Lyle's comments. Those are great ideas to further your research as you move forward with this project.

Lyle Seitz (Student 2018)
Lyle Seitz

Wow Eli! This post makes me feel things that I have never felt before. I can really connect with some of the things you say here, and you seen very passionate about this topic. I feel like you could said something more like "I feel that …", and added some of your own opinions. I think it would be cool if you could send out a survey and ask people how much they know about what's happening in the Middle East and Israel. You could go into more detail about why they are in these conflicts, and you know there are a lot of people with an opposite view, so you could try and get more information about that. You could also answer questions like 'is the United States getting involved, and how are they impacting the situation?' You might also want to go into more depth with the history behind these conflicts, and why people are hating on Jews in the first place.