Antoinette Hiller Capstone

When it comes to the SLA community, I think that it’s pretty clear how passionate their players can get when it comes to showing their love for a sport. For one ultimate player, Imani Holness, this movie/ documentary is meant to step into her life and show the viewers what life as a frisbee player is all about. This film is meant to show that women can have just as much love for a sport as a man. We wanted to touch the audience in a sense of giving back and to remind those that passion, dedication and hard work knows no gender or other human characteristics, if you give enough of yourself to something that you care about, it will show. On another note, Imani also wanted to give back to the sport that she loves by showing how she got into ultimate frisbee the way that she did. For every building, there’s always a ground that it’s placed on first. In the movie , she shows and talks about how she grew into the of the most powerful frisbee players in the field. As well as the magazines and photo shots she’s been featured in. This film is perfect for the people that don’t fully understand the ultimate life. We are convinced that, if used the right way, can change people’s views about the whole frisbee sport forever. We are convinced that viewers can be inspired and show that they can be more than they are by giving themselves that little push they need.
Since there is just a couple more footage that we want to get, we created a trailer to show just the slight preview of what is come in the movie. We do have intentions to record the final last touches at states. Here is the link:

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