Are evolution and "survival of the fittest" the same thing?

"Survival of the fittest" is a term coined by Charles Darwin. Throughout Darwin's life he studied the evolution of animals but he is most known from his work with birds on Galapagos Island. What separates the two is survival of the fittest is a "race" between the same species of animals where only those who are capable of surviving the conditions presented to them. The Ginkgo tree, a native of Asia, was in a race with its own kind. When forced to survive in extreme conditions, the tree with the defensive adaptations survived where as the only thing left of the other variety of tree is a mere fossil. Evolution is the process to adapt to the conditions provided. The difference between evolution and "survival of the fittest" is that "survival of the fittest" is when one species is competing with itself with different varieties. Evolution is when one species is constantly changing to better survive in their environment.