Are Humans Still Evolving?

Studies show that the human race is still evolving. Children are becoming shorter and heavier with lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Women generally have their first child at a younger age. According to TIMES magazine women who are stout and heavier have more children because they ovulate more regularly. This agrees with why children are shorter and heavier.

ScienceDaily completed a long-term experiment that explains all of these traits. They did a study of the same people and their children over the course of 60 years.  Their conclusions showed that humans are still evolving, and children are becoming shorter and heavier.

Humans are still evolving, but how fast are things changing? “The changes may be slow and gradual, but the predicted rates of change are no different from those observed elsewhere in nature, the researchers say.”  Humans aren’t going to be extinct anytime soon, but we will be eventually. The more technology we have, the less we rely on natural selection.