Are You Infected? #3

In the last two blogs, I talked about the statistics of teens having unprotected sex and STD's and how it can effect them physically, emotionally, and mentally. Teens having unprotected sex can be in serious trouble. Unfortunately, it effects them for a long period of time. However, some of them haven't been prepared on what sex actually is. So here it goes:

Some people ask what the real and true definition of virginity is. To some people, it's a very confusing word to understand and are giving the false answer. For most females, the word could mean the "breaking of the hymen" - located about a half and inch away from the vagina- or some people think that it's when a girls vagina has not been penetrated sexually. The main problem with that, is that there are different ways of penetration.

Maybe, it's good for you to determine what the definition of sex is before "virginity" is. The word can be very misleading and cause a lot of emotional and physical factors. Some of the issues and questions that people disagree about are: "Is having oral conisdered "sex"?" or "Does penetration of the penis mean that I'm still a virgin?". These concepts can be argued a lot by people, which therefore, doesn't bring them to a conclusion.

Another word that people should know about is the word abstinent. It's based on the word abstain - which means to stay away from or not to take part in. - In this case, it's referring to not having sex at all.

These things tie into religion and belief. Christians believe that women and men should stay abstinent until marriage. Similarly, Islams believe the same thing. Sex is a major step in life and to take that chance is a really big decision. Some people don't think about the outcomes and the consequences after having sex.

I think that there should be more programs and more people talking about abstinence and abstaining from sex. I think in doing this, this will decrease the chance in people having more and more babies.