Art9 printmaking analysis

Printmaking is a vital and important concept in our society today. Printmaking to put it simply is the act of creating a print from any medium you prefer! Whether it be digital or made traditionally, without printmaking, our usage of stamps, wall decor, playing cards and many other important things to society, would not exist. One of the oldest forms of printmaking is engraving, which was done all the way back to caves in 3000 B.C. It is speculated that in china, they invented a primitive form of printmaking called the rubbing, which was used on stones and seals. Printmaking is not only a calming and fun task, without it, many fun things in today's society would not be here.

This print depicts happy and pastel-colored hedgehogs chittering and lazily eating apples. The pale pastel colors indicate that it's meant to soothe and de-stress the consumer. Some of the hedgehogs are happily gazing about, while some laying lazily or sleeping.

The hedgehogs are evenly spaced along with the apples. This gives the print a sweeter and more innocent look. It is most likely geared toward children, seeing as it has a cutesy and calming aesthetic. 

I think that this print is meant to be for therapy or a de-stressing activity. Its calm colors and happy shades give it a lively yet sleepy look. It is not exciting, yet not boring all at once.

This is a good print because of the spacing and the use of negative space. The blending of the pastel colors is beautiful and gives it a very child-like kawaii vibe.