Art - Week 5 Day 2: Final Stamp Design

    On the bottom of this post is my final stamp design. The assignment was to manipulate negative and positive space to create a pleasing stamp that related to you.My process for creating this art was very complex. I began by creating complex designs with a ton of objects on the stamp. As I went on, I realized that did not suit me. I wanted to go for a more simple design after many failures because I am a simple person. 
     I decided that I would have to include my initials, which is what the bottom cutout is. Also, the "K" was meant to represent how much I text. I usually respond with very short replies, so I wanted to portray that while making it relatable to others. I purposely did not center the "K" so the eye would be bothered by it not in the middle. This seems like a bad approach, but I wanted to try and disrupt the normal patterns where objects are placed dead in the center. 
     Finally, I decided to cut out the space that was more prominent because it would be confusing if not. There would be no borders or backgrounds to support the simple design. If this were the case, it would not look like a complete piece of art. Orange construction paper was my choice. Orange is a very dynamic color. I thought the eye would try to focus more on the white space, which contains the imagery that describes me more. I also did not occur any complications when working with positive and negative spaces. There was no confusion for me. They are very clear skills.
Final Stamp Design