Art 2: Quarter 1

Art 2, the second class of art offered at Science Leadership Academy is all about the deeper exploration of the different types of visual arts. This year, we started off the by getting an overview of all the pieces we were doing and all the options we had for each piece. For each piece there were three options for the workload that you wanted. They were Passive, for the student who was in the class just because, Middle for students who are interested in art but not sure if they want to pursue futures in art, and the Future Art Student which is pretty self explanatory.

The First assignment was to do either a ceiling tile painting or 5 contour line drawings. I personally chose the contour line drawings because I prefer drawing over other mediums of art. My first drawing is a contour drawing of a paintbrush. You can tell it is a contour line drawing because there is no shadow. The shadow is expressed with thicker lines which make the line drawing more dynamic. My second drawing is of a skull, the third is of a pencil on paper, the fourth is of an eraser on pencil, and the final contour line drawing is of one of my icons, Luka Sabbat. The process of the line drawing was pretty easy and I did not have any real changes to any ideas that I came up with.

The second assignment of the quarter was a free drawing assignment. This assignment allowed the student to draw or paint whatever they liked. Me, since I am personally an anime fan decided to draw one of the most famous anime characters of all time, Son Goku. This drawing was especially difficult because of the amount of shading that had to be done. Drawings of Dragon Ball Z characters are usually very detailed and I wanted to capture the detail as well, therefore this drawing took me a pretty long time due to the detail that I decided to add to it. But overall I could say that I enjoyed doing this drawing the most because I had the freedom to draw what I wanted.

The assignment after this was a Halloween based assignment. I decided to do a middle student assignment for this one which was design and create a jack-o-lantern in any medium. My jack-o-lantern is not a realistic jack-o-lantern but more of a spooky cartoon type jack-o-lantern. I chose to do this because I thought that I would enjoy the drawing process more than having to worry about getting every single detail correct if drawing realistically.

The final assignment for this quarter was a self portrait. This is really where I wanted to get creative and I took the term self portrait and twisted it... Combining my ideas with ideas of other artists whose work I enjoy. For example, my self portrait is a dark and twisted sketch of me from another fantasy type world. This sketch is heavily influenced by George Condo who is known for his creepy but beautiful portraits of strange characters. This was by far my favorite sketch to do because I was able to use ideas from famous artists and incorporate their art styles into my self portrait.