Art 2 Final Blog

Unfortunately, this is my final blog post of the year and I can truly say that I enjoyed my art class this year. I felt like I saw myself growing with every bit of knowledge I gained about the different types of art and every type of picture we drew and or painted. This quarter, we worked throughout the entire thing without guidance from our art teacher who was away for a surgery and recovery. But although she was away for the quarter I think that I still was able to do good with my last pieces of the year. 

My first one is a sketch of a statue from the Rodin Museum. Before our art teacher went away for surgery, we all took a trip to the Rodin Museum and just sat in the nice weather and sketched things that were in sight. It was a very relaxing assignment and a good start to the quarter. I drew a statue on the outside gate of the museum and I was able to finish in the short amount of time we spent there.

The second drawing marked the beginning of our four hour drawing venture. For the rest of the quarter, our assignment was to do three, four hour drawings and submit them one by one. The second drawing is a drawing of Sasuke from the anime, Naruto. First I drew Sasuke with pencil (which was very difficult being that he’s such a difficult character to free-draw) and then went over my pencil lines with a Sharpie marker. The third drawing was another character from Naruto, Zabuza. This drawing was the hardest for me because even though I was drawing him from scratch, there were multiple times where I had to erase because parts did not look correct to me. I erased so much that there were black spots that got put on the paper. The final drawing is that of a samurai standing in front of a red moon. This one was by far the longest one because of all the detail that I put into it. Not only did I draw out the samurai, (which took so many hours) but I also went over the whole thing with a fine point Sharpie to make it look sharp.