Art Blog

For my ceiling tile I wanted to start with something simple, but still meant a lot to me. I chose the crown chakra because it's the chakra that I find the most complex and interesting, and also what I connect with the most. Meditating has been something very important to me for awhile, and I'm happy that I'm able to have the connection to the universe and symbol for a larger scheme of life in SLA.

For my drawing, I actually made several smaller drawings. I am a dancer, and love the way that dancers can manipulate their bodies to do seemingly impossible movements. I drew inspiration from Misty Copeland, the first black principle dancer with the American Ballet Theater. Instead of drawing these dancers with hair, facial features, and clothing, I wanted to focus all attention on the body positioning. I didn't want anything to distract from the base of what dance is. 

I'm a huge lover of Alice and Wonderland, especially the Cheshire Cat. I definitely wanted to go to Wonderland as a child. (maybe I still do) I was very disappointed that my pumpkin was ruined before I could get a photo of it, because it was very fun and mystical with a candle inside. Unfortunately, the pumpkin was rotten, and was composted without my knowledge.

I tried to model my self portrait after a photo of myself from two years ago. I had a little bit of trouble with the shading, and making it look how I wanted it. I try not to get discouraged, I'm still learning, and I'm very proud of the self portrait I did create.