Art Q1 Portfolio (ReDo)

This is my portfolio, containing my artwork from Quarter 1. It contains all three art assignments from the quarter: the ceiling tile, the Autumn and/or Halloween-related wall hanging, and my self-portrait. With these projects, I generally (with the exception of the last one - the self portrait) had a Scotland-related theme. While this was not purposeful, it certainly is a nice feature.

My first piece of art is my ceiling tile. It features the Scottish Saltire with a thistle in the middle. Above the thistle is a Royal Scots Dragoon Guards medallion. The words say "Saor Alba". I originally had a more complicated design in mind, but then I realized I would not have the time to sketch it all out.

The next one was an art project where we had to make a wall hanging that was fall-related. For my work, I created a fall scene combining elements of rural living in Scotland and rural living in the Appalachian.

The final work for the portfolio is a self portrait. I used past shading techniques that I had learned to make it look realistic and really look like me.