For my “Bike Drawing” week, I did an image of my dads bike he uses for exercise. I did a sketch then colored it in. Because of my lack of colored pencils, the bike turned out purple, when it is originally blue. I added the basket for decor, that’s not what the actual bike has.

For my optical illusions, it was a bit tricky because we didn’t have the different pencil shades, so I just changed how hard I shaded it in. I did two different ones. The first one had 4 walls, each a shade darker then the next to create the illusion of a hole. The next one was a triangle where you couldn’t tell were it ended.

The shading forms assignment was also a bit tricky because of the lack of pencils. I did a zaire a rectangle and a sphere. I think that to improve on this I could find the shading form pencils used to make it look more realistic. 

My eye drawing is the piece I am most proud of. It took me 4 hours and I started by looking at how to to make my eye look more realistic and it went from there. To improve I think I can add a bit more color.

The final assignment, and probably the most fun, was the mandala art. I did three different ones and really enjoyed using all of the colors and really making it my own.

Overall, this quarter in art I learned about many different forms of art and shading techniques.