Art Room

Well the project started by the square in the middle of the paper and then the point of intersection. We had to make the ceiling tiles and the above first, it was mainly just using the different types of lines and shapes. 
The way i planned out to complete my project was i would finish a certain part every class but it didn't work out that way. I finished the beginning but when it came to the bottom. So it kinda evened out.
The easiest part was the lining being the fact that I had art last year I am familiar with it all. Also where the placement was that was easy as well.
The hardest part to learn draw was the putting all the details in the objects like in the window the blinds were difficult to draw. And the ceiling tiles were had to get straight but i I tried my best.
Victoria Odom
I chose Victorias because I think hers was well done. The way her picture came out in the end was perfect and the fact that she helped me made it even better, She has potential!